Commitment to Chilean Patagonia

Located in front of the Ultima Esperanza fjord, Hotel Costaustralis stands out as the traditional building that shines in every picture of the city of Puerto Natales. In the beginning of the 90s families from Patagonia, who are the current owners of this hotel, had the visionary idea to build a hotel in the emerging city of Puerto Natales. This area would begin to host the undevelopedt tourist activities in the region and it would represent the starting point for visits to Torres de Paine National Park, a lesser-known treasure at that time. 

This is how we became pioneers in the area and how the initiative for the construction of our Hotel Costaustralis began, by the architect Pedro Kovacevic and the interior designer Enrique Concha, a team that continues to work with us to this day. Nowadays our hotel has 110 rooms, being the largest in Puerto Natales in capacity and space, but it was not always like that. At first, it was designed as a 50-room hotel, but throughout its thirty years of life it has experienced modifications, extensions and remodeling in response to the increasing arrival of national and foreign tourists who want to discover the great attractions of Patagonia and, of course, the National Park, today known as "the eighth wonder of the world."

En Hotel Costaustralis is witness to and part of the Patagonian landscape, its history and traditions, hosting tourists from all nations for so long with a warm and customized service, along with a restrained but elegant decoration using mainly local, natural materials from the region. 

Sustainability Commitment


We have a strong commitment to the growth and progress of Puerto Natales. Therefore we prioritize natives to be part of our staff and so, through them, we can show our guests the purest and most authentic Patagonian identity and culture. 


We love to supply our restaurant and lounge with local crops as a way of collaborating with the SME and native entrepreneurs, and also to share with our guests the characteristic flavors and products of our region. 


We offer you the opportunity to share in different activities of meeting and collaboration between our hotel and the native community. 


Our commitment to the environment leads us to be constantly innovating our operation, in order to contribute to the health of our planet.

  • Water Dispensers.
  • Paperless.
  • Recycling.
  • Sustainable amenities.
  • Optional linen washing.