Puerto Natales

Enchanting City

Living the charm of Puerto Natales is a must if you are looking to get to know Chilean Patagonia in depth. In our city you will be able to complement the wonderful excursions to the Patagonian nature with the soul of its people, its varied gastronomy and its art, which will allow you to get to know our customs, traditions and local culture.

Located 250 km northwest of Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales is located in front of the Última Esperanza Sound between the sea, forests and Patagonian mountains. The city represents the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park and the ideal excursion base from which to visit a myriad of other outstanding alternatives offered by Chilean Patagonia.


Walking along the Costanera de Puerto Natales and observing the wonderful landscapes that surround it is a must. The trail runs through the entire city and on its sea edge you will get the best views of the place. They are imposed by the sea and its abandoned docks, the Patagonian hills and the local fauna where swans and flamingos abound.


Puerto Natales offers a varied culinary offer where calafate, spider crab and lamb stand out as the local products of excellence. However, its offer is even more varied in alternatives and prices, which led in 2016 to be recognized as an "Outstanding Gastronomic Destination" by the Circle of Gastronomic Chroniclers.


In Puerto Natales you will be able to discover Patagonian art in its widest variety. Visit the Artisan Village of Puerto Natales where you can find our artisans and their work made with native materials of sheepskin and wood; handmade fabrics with sheep and alpaca wool and other souvenirs typical of the region.


The visit to the Museum of Puerto Bories is a trip to 1915 and the great period of prosperity of the Chilean-Argentinean Patagonian area. Together with the creation of the Sociedad Explotadora Tierra del Fuego, this refrigerator and slaughter plant was built, which internationally marketed meat, leather and wool from the south of the world.


This modern museum was founded on 1990. Here you will be able to appreciate an outstanding collection of elements that show the origin of the southern communities. 


Ewagallery: it belongs to the polish artist Ewa Okolowicz. The gallery shows in different rooms samples of her own works and other local artists.

El Galpón: this cultural center offers a space for carrying out activities that allow the artistic growth of the city.